Glass wash surface. 12" x 24" in size. 

The Economy is an Iconic washboard for Canadian Woodenware Co. This full size washboard with the glass wash surface has likely washed more clothes than any other.

The Printing of the Economy backboard today is done on the original Letterpress machine and the printing blocks are very worn. Each print is slightly different and makes them unique on every one made today.


Metal wash surface. 12" x 24" in size.

The Canuck Is likely one of the oldest produced washboards for Canadian Woodenware Co. There are many old printing blocks with the Canuck name on it and all appear to have metal wash surfaces . The Canuck name with the Maple Leaf is truly Canadian and we wonder what the history of Canuck is. 

We have the printing blocks from the early 1900’s.One of the most popular washboards for washing use and as a collector washboard.


Metal wash surface. 9" x 16" in size.

The Ideal is a very early model of washboard for Canadian Woodenware Co. It has the metal wash surface and the metal is crimped with a original restored Brown and Boggs metal crimping machine from the early 1900’s. One of the most popular today with the small size and unbreakable wash surface.


Glass wash surface. 9" x 16" in size.

The Pearl is a very early model of washboard for Canadian Woodenware. The Pearl has had many different wash surface inserts  over the years. Today we make it with glass.


There are many other models of washboards that were made by Canadian Woodenware Co.

The Empire Globe, All Wood Rub,  Jubilee, Sunshine, Harmony, Competitor, Monarch to name a few. 

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